An international pharmaceutical enterprise group integrating drug research, development, production and sales

Founded in 1994, Yunnan Panlong Yunhai Pharmaceutical Corporation Is an internationalized pharmaceutical enterprise group focused on regulating your body functions, specialized in health and beauty and integrating drug research and development, production and sales. Considering “Strengthening Moral Conduct, Integrity, Aspirations and Execution” as the core idea of its corporate culture, Panlong Yunhai takes strengthening the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy as its mission and is devoted to the development of the human health undertaking. 

Challenge, cohesion, development panlong yunhai pharmaceutical brand development process











管理变革  系统制胜


布局未来  赢之有道


逐梦创新 卓越执行


内调外养 健康美丽

Yunnan panlong yunhai pharmaceutical group co. LTD was established
In 2000, it ranked 28th among the top 100 Chinese private enterprises in paying taxes
Big data era
Entrepreneurship bottleneck period, expand the development direction, seek improvement in stability
Advocate the "detoxification health" theory guide
Core values
Lipin, lixin, aspire, lixing;
The spirit of enterprise
Dare to borrow the sea of clouds, is willing to let the youth panlong. (hard work, upward, loyalty, dream)
Enterprise vision
Internal and external health, health and beauty, do Chinese medicine detoxification health experts;
Talent concept
Self-motivated, create value; Loyal dedication, dare to be first; Integrity and ability, integrity.
Corporate mission
Healthy ourselves, healthy enterprises and healthy human beings;
Corporate symbol: dragon
The dragon of soaring cloud sea symbolizes the cultural character of panlong cloud sea and is the spiritual totem of all panlong cloud sea people.
An enterprise name
Disk, is the accumulation of power; The dragon is the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation. The sea of clouds is the hometown of the dragon and a promising place. The sea of clouds and clouds represents the strong desire of the Chinese people, who have inherited the five-thousand-year civilization, to bring health to mankind.
Pan long yunhai logo
Panlong yunhai's corporate logo is made up of the silhouette of a dragon and three curves. The three curves are the recumbent character "chuan", or the surging waves of the sea. And it is from this sea of clouds that the pan dragon rises to the vast sky. Whole mark gives a person a kind of spirit is excited, zhuang huai is intense, the intense feeling that takes action and inspiration.
Food and drug administration GMP certification enterprises
National third session
Science and technology talents technology exchange exhibition conference
Gold award for scientific and technological achievements (detox and yanyan capsule)
Mainly refers to the provincial people's government or the state ministries and awarded prizes of science and technology, such as XXX province science and technology awards is belong to the provincial awards, there are some classification with reference to the awards, but each is different, the basic classification is the highest award, natural science and technology award, progress prize in science and technology, the achievement promotion award, etc., the number of different district cities being granted awards are not the same, to science and technology strength.